Thursday, June 11, 2009

Free Keyword SEO Tools

Bagi Anda yang suka bermain SEO pasti sudah mengetahui bahwa salah satu faktor pendukung SEO adalah keyword yang sesuai dan banyak dicari oleh user search engine. Semakin sering kita menggunakan keyword itu, semakin besar pula kesempatan kita untuk naik peringkat dan ada di posisi 10 besar pencarian keyword. Mencari keyword yang sesuai dengan topik blog/web yang kita tulis bukanlah hal yang mudah. 1 kesalahan saja maka hasil tulisan kita akan berbeda peringkatnya.

Untuk para ahli SEO tentunya bukan hal yang sulit untuk menemukan kata kunci/keyword yang tepat bagi setiap tulisan mereka. Namun bagaimana dengan mereka yang masih awam dengan SEO ? Tentunya dibutuhkan waktu dan ilmu untuk mempelajari SEO ini. Berikut ini saya berikan beberapa tools untuk memeriksa keyword yang sesuai SEO dari tulisan/postingan Anda :

1. Google Keyword Tools
Provided free by Google AdWords. Shows basic search volumes and related terms.

2. Google Suggest
As you type, Google will offer suggestions. Good related keyword search.

3. Google Trends
Provides useful insights into broad search patterns across the world.

4. Google Zeitgeist
Weekly Google Search patterns and trends.

5. SEO Book Google Suggest Scrapper Tool
Scrapes Keyword Suggestions from Google Suggest.

6. Digital Point
Scrapes the Overture Suggestion Tool but includes much more useful information. You can also target by country.

7. MS AdLabs Search Funnels
You can use the adCenter search funnel tool to help you visualize how people search by entering related keywords in certain sequences and analyze these search behaviours.

8. Black Hat SEO Keyword Tool
Built massive keywords lists in seconds

9. Dogpile Search Spy
Ever wonder what the world is looking for?

10. Wordtracker
Generates up to 100 free, related keywords and an estimate of their daily search volume.

11. GoLexa Search Tool
The Search Tool with Complete Page Analysis for each Result and much mo

12. Keyword Lizard

13. Keyword Suggestions by Check Rankings

14. Lycos
Top 50 keyword list from Lycos.

15. Metaspy MetaCrawler
See what the worlds searching for filtered or on tap.

16. Nichebot Classic
A 3 in 1 keyword suggestion tool: keyword discovery, overture and wordtracker.

17. Niche Watch
Find exactly which competitors there are in your niche.

18. Ontology Finder
Related Keywords Lookup Tool by

19. SpyFu
Spy on your competitors and download there adwords keywords.

20. Keyworddiscovery
Another good, free keyword tool. Also offers advanced features on subscription.

21. URL Trends Reverse keyword Lookup Tool
This tool was designed to allow you to determine which keywords and phrases your competitors hold in Google.

22. 7 Search Advertiser Tools Keyword Suggestion
Enter a keyword to view most popular searches during past month that contained the keyword


24. Yahoo Buzz

25. Cumbrowski

26. Enteryourkeyword

27. Geoland Searchqueries
Shows you total searches and search engine estimates for each word in Google, Yahoo and MSN, uses the overture keyword tool to generate results.

28. Kwbrowse
A web 2.0 browser which shows the results in a visual navigation panel. Also gives you a standard keyword list. There are only keywords here, no counts of any sort.

29. Kwmap
This is pretty much identical to the Kwbrowse above.

30. Nichebotclassic
The old nichebot that uses wordtracker results, pretty much the same as a lot of other keyword tools out there.

31. Nichewatch
You need to sign up for this service. Nice tool that gives you a lot of information about each site related to your keyword. Shows Back links to the domain in Yahoo, Back links to the webpage in Yahoo, Pages Rank of domain, Pages Rank of webpage, Keyword/Key phrase occurrences on webpage, Pages indexed of domain in Yahoo ,All in Anchor Rank of domain in Google, All in Title Rank of domain in Google, All in Text Rank of domain in Google.

32. Seoprotoolz
Simply enter your seed keyword into the field below and click “Get Related!”. Your results will appear below withing seconds.

33. Submitexpress keytracker
Enter one keyword / keyphrase per line. Maximum 15 per query. Everything over 15 entries will be ignored.

34. Synonymlab
This tool digs Google synonyms twice for the ~synonym search results.

35. Topic Search
This is a news searcher that makes it available to search thru news and blog. Shows an interactive graph of how the keyword has appeared in the news.

36. Webmaster Toolkit
A plain and simple tool where you pick the search engine you want to use and it finds related keywords words, nothing else. Not a very accurate tool.

37. Whonu

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