Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sharing Life, Knowledge, Experience & SEO Blog

Tiffany"Sharing Life, Knowledge, Experience & SEO Blog" is my third blog. I have 3 blog at all. First blog is my personally private blog and I don't expose it too much to public. It contains my personal complaints, embarassing moments, thankful moments and some of my 'little' secrets. My second blog is my experimental blog in where I do some experiments whether it is 'dangerous' or not especially Java Script, Plugins, themes & skins before I apply it to my first & third blog. My last blog is this blog. I hope this blog will be my last blog.

I thought maybe some of you ever asked about my blog title. What is the meaning of "Sharing Life, Knowledge, Experience & SEO" ? First of all, let me introduce & explain it clearly for you about the reason. After I made my first & second blog, I realized that there are so many things that I could share with my friends, my pals & my blog visitors. LIfe is about to share what you have & what you get and I love to do that. When we share to others about our life, knowledge or experience, It means that we help people to get through their problems. Who knows that Their problems are similar with me ? I put what I had learnt & did in this blog so people can see & also learn from it. I don't feel lose out sharing about my life here. Sometimes there're several nice visitor who put their comments in my shout box or posts even though some of them are spams. I hated so much spams.

It is nice to keep on sharing with others since I realize that we are human beings. I appreciate if my blog visitor don't just view & browse on my blog but also put some comments so that I can get their suggestion & opinion about my blog. But I realize that I can't force them to always put comments when they visit my blog. It is hard to get some inspirations to write and post in this blog. Sometimes those ideas flow smoothly, but sometimes they stuck on somewhere. I've already posted hundreds of articles including some life management, Oracle techniques, Religious & personal development, Tips and tricks for computer. I also posted some summaries of movies or songs. Sometimes I got the articles from friends' blog, Facebook, Forward-Email, books and etc. I learn to be consistent in posting once in a week to maintain my blog page rank and popularity. I do not like repost article in my blog. So, if I post an article similar with other’s then I will include the link source too.

Besides I put my experiences & knowledges, I also try to do some experience with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Why do I learn SEO ? First, I want to put my blog on top-ten ranks in some search-engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. So when people search some keywords, the search engine will bring my blog according their criteria. Optimizing SEO needs not only patience and obedience but also some tricks to do that. Some of tricks I'd given in this blog are proven. I've already applied them all in my blogs and I've seen the result. What are the results ? Believe it or not, I got my ALEXA rank successfully in one months from millions to below one million. For your information, ALEXA rank below one million means that your blog or web page is getting popular and many visitor will come across to your blog. I also got significant visitors from 20-30 visitors per day to 100 visitors per day. I thought it was great for my blog life. Slow but sure in my first three months, I got my blog rank increased from Page Rank 1 to Page Rank 2. After struggling within 5 months, my page rank already increased to 3. Yap, I am so happy with this Google present. This blog is still using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques now. If you are interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), maybe we can share it together.

One of SEO techniques is using product review. Helping reviewing product will increase our English and SEO skill. It is no hard to find product to be reviewed. Some of them will offer us automatically through email. One of them is tiffany & co. tiffany & co is a jewellery store selling products online. Tiffany or tiffany jewellery offer us chance to review their products. With reviewing, we help them to get popularity among internet users and the side effect of that is their selling increase. Some of them will give us commision to review the products while some of them won’t. This is the impact of reviewing products. Some kind of simbiosis-mutualism chance. I hope this blog can inspire many people to do better for their life by sharing their lifes, knowledges and experiences.

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